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Glycolic Acid Acne – Can You Use It For Skin Care Applications?

Admin April 26, 2018 Beauty Tips, Skin Care

Glycolic acid is called a fruit acid and is mostly recognized as AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid). This chemical can be obtained from sugar cane or from fruit products like oranges or other acidic fruits, bringing about the “fruit acid” title. Glycolic acids have been used in past times for rust removal and as degreasing agents industrially. […]

Dead Sea Salt Eczema – Natural Home Treatment and Remedy For Eczema

Admin April 16, 2018 Beauty Tips, Skin Care

What is Eczema? Eczema is a disease of the skin that causes inflammation of the outer layer of the skin. The symptoms include redness, swelling, itching, skin flakiness, cracking, bleeding and sometimes blisters with oozing pus. Eczema can also be found in the creases of joints. Eczema flares can cause brief bruising to the skin […]

10 Tips About Using Olive Oil for Scar Removal

Admin March 8, 2018 Scar Removal

Olive oil includes an extensive form of usages for home treatments, as stated by the University of California Cooperative Extension in Sonoma County. In supplementation to health advantages, like reducing cholesterol, and cosmetic reasons, like reinforcing fingernails, olive oil can also be utilized to improve the skin by way of decreasing the look of scars […]

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