Airplane facts you never knew existed

Airplane facts you never knew existed

Do you fly a lot and can you repeat the greeting of a flight attendant before your flight? And I bet there are things in the planes that you never guessed, despite your vast flight experience? Read our article and find out why in the plane “Cooper’s blade”, the axe in the cockpit and in what conditions they cook food for passengers.

There is an Air Marshals Service in the aircraft.

If there is an unbalanced passenger running on the plane, waving the cord from the phone, stewardesses can calm him down only by means of persuasion. For more radical actions, there is the Air Marshals Service – they will make the brawlers and the terrorist harmless. The brave guys are on the plane incognito in civilian clothes. In Russia, the role of air marshals is played by airline employees.

Is it true that the air in the plane is dirty?

In the plane, we breathe air that passes through the engine compressors. So there is a stereotype that it is terribly dirty in the cabin. Actually, it is not. The air is cleaned through many filters that kill 95% of bacteria, cooled down and delivered to the aircraft in perfect condition. But the water is terrible in an airplane. The water tanks are only cleaned from hard plaque, and the bacteria have long lived in harmony with the purifiers. So do not think to drink what is flowing from the tap! Only water from bottles, juices, tea, and champagne, if you really want.

Pilots 90% of the flight time sleep

In case you did not know, most of the time the plane is controlled by autopilot. At this time pilots eat, play chess, watch DVD and do whatever you want. Why be tired if you can not be, right?

Where does the plane food come from?

All the food gets on board from the airport – that’s where the shop of in-flight catering is located. The shelf life of such food is very short – only a few hours. The quality of dishes is monitored very carefully, because carriers do not want mass poisoning on board. Crew food is prepared there, although the menu is different from the passenger one. Pilots are fed with different dishes – in case one of them gets poisoned, the other one can continue to drive the plane.

When the entrances are locked, the pilot gets unlimited power.

In the air, the pilot is a king and God. He is not only responsible for take-off and landing, but also controls everything that happens on board. The pilot can arrest the violator, write a fine and even make a will. So do not piss off the aircraft commander – after landing you will face a serious punishment.

Almost every time, lightning strikes the plane.

As experienced pilots say, lightning hitting a ship is not a rarity. The planes are made so that the flash cannot disable them. Passengers hear a strong rumble during the lightning and nothing more: the flight continues at the given rate.

Why do stewardesses need a tip?

Rarely any passenger can guess how to get free drinks on board. The stewardess of a large airline confessed: “If I get a tip, I will drink the whole flight for free”. Listen to the experienced flight attendants – only 5 dollars, and your flight will be more comfortable and enjoyable. Maybe even in business class they will transfer you.

There is an axe in the cockpit.

No, it is not necessary to calm down the offender. It is simple: the axe is included in the list of emergency equipment. It can be used to eliminate a fire, open a jammed door or cut through the exit in case of emergency. There are even marks on the fuselage, where it is better to make an emergency “door”.

What is the “Cooper blade”?

This device in Boeing and Airbus aircraft does not let you open the doors during the flight. We don’t know how he managed to pull it off, because the only reason to open the doors in an airplane is the difference in pressure between the bodybuilder’s forces.

If an aircraft is hijacked, the ground services see it already at landing.
Press the “alarm button”, reset the SMS dispatcher – not the only ways to transmit information about the theft of the ship. When there is something out of the row on board, the pilot does not remove the flaps after landing. The plane deliberately moves along the landing strip like a turtle – a sign for ground services that there are problems on board.

During the flight, the crew rests in “storerooms”.

Pilots have very serious requirements to work: according to the existing norms, they can stay behind the helm for up to 16 hours without a break. But sometimes it is just necessary to have a rest. Some airliners have special secret rooms – small “storerooms” with mattresses. There is very little space here, you have to move by crawl, but the crew can lie down if necessary.